Arduino as gamepad proxy + mind-wave


I would like to ask for a feasibility of the following project. I have Neurosky Neurosky headset, and what I would like to make is a proxy interface that will send a vibration command to the gamepad triggered by some measured parameter from the EEG. I have never had experience with Arduino before, but what I discovered is that Neurosky has an SDK for Arduino. Therefore, I need your help.
The proxy (Arduino) will be connected to the Mindwave via Bluetooth, and the gamepad will be connected to the device probably via USB (this does not have to be like that)? To control the game, the proxy (Arduino) will be connected to the PC(Gamestation) via USB in gamepad emulator mode. Additionally, I will need a connection to the board to read the measured EEG parameters in the real-time and debug (green connection, not yet know the interface, separate preferably) see the figure in the attachment.

The proxy (Arduino) will pass the gamepad commands without interruption (for now).

I need your help to assess feasibility, as well as, comments and recommendation for hardware.



Anyone? Maybe I should have posted in the interfacing subforum ?