arduino as isp , attiny13A

hi, i have arduino uno with atmega328p and a attiny13A.
i have tried programing it with the help of this guide:

it is writing to the chip but if i use the DELAY function it simply doesn't continue(never comming back).
i've tried a large range of values for the delay.
i'm using the BLINK example (changed the pins on the software,it works up to the DELAY, if i set to HIGH its ON if i set to LOW its OFF).

i've also tried to change in the "boards.txt" file the CPU to 9600000 , 10000000 , 4800000 with no results... ideas pls?

i'm using the atmega328p-pu if it makes a diffrence.

Compare the Instructables article with a more mature view of Arduino single-chip boards: