Arduino as ISP missing in menu


I need to reload the bootloader on a MZR Zero because it is in sleep mode and I can not connect to it anymore using the IDE.
I am trying to use a Nano 33 IoT as ISP, I have loaded the ArduinoISP sketch on the Nano, but I do not have any "Arduino as ISP" in the Tools/Programmer menu.

Am I missing something?

Thank you very much for the help

The "Arduino as ISP" programmer can only be used with boards of the AVR architecture. Your MKR Zero uses the SAMD architecture. So there is no point in the IDE showing that programmer when the MKR Zero is selected, and even if it did you would just get an error when you tried to burn the bootloader.

You don't need to burn the bootloader though. Try this:

  • Press and release the reset button on your board quickly twice. You should now see the LED on the board pulsing, which means the bootloader is running. The double press causes the bootloader to run indefinitely (until the board is reset, powered off, or an upload is done), which means you don't need to get the timing of the reset just right.
  • Select the port of your board from the Tools > Port menu. The port number may be different when the bootloader is running so don't assume you already have the correct port selected.
  • Start an upload in the Arduino IDE.

Thank you very much for the answer!

I did not know the trick of the double click on reset, does it work on all SAMD boards?