Arduino as keyboard encoder


I have a new Studiologic 990XP MIDI studio keyboard whith a couple of bugs but for Fatar it's OK, they won't take them back, and are unable to change the software with those silly bugs that they have hade for years!!!. Don't buy any 990...

Now I'm wondering if an Arduino or 2 can act as a master keyboard controller? Every key has 2 switches and there is 88 keys. I have to add some chips to be able to read all the switches and measure the time from that sw1 closes and sw2 closes. Someone wrote that the key moves 10 m/s at fff and there is only 2-3 mm at most between the contact's. That means 200 us to scan 176 switches (about 18 clock cycles per switch). Above this it must read som ADC-inputs and convert every change to MIDI messages.

Has anyone any suggestions regarding this matter?