arduino as midi controller...

I am trying to use 6 potentiometers as a way to control knobs in Reason 3 or Ableton Live. So far I am able to get a reading from the 6 pots in to the debug terminal and that’s where I get stuck. How can I convert this serial data to something these programs can read (like midi I guess).

I’ve looked over the 6 pack project ( and can’t find how they control the programs.

also, apparently there is a patch for converting the input to the arduino to midi so software can read it (
Any idea where it could be found?

This is my first project with arduino and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

The patches mentioned are (I think) the ones on the site that show how to get arduino to talk to Pure Data, Max, Processing etc…

You can then get these to send midi or osc in response to what they have recieved from the arduino - in the same kind of way the program you have found does.