Arduino as remotecontroller for parrot minidrone

Hi fellows,

I am facing a task to programm my arduino uno with a hm-10 to a remotecontrol for a parrot mambo minidrone.
Later the remote should be used either with buttons or from the Computer.

To do so i tought of two steps in the beginning:

-make a "sniffer" out of my arduino so i can read out the commands sent by another remote to m drone

-send the commands manually via the arduino with ble

For now on i am looking for a little guidance. Maybe you know similar projects you can point me to or give me some advice

Kind regards



Supported Protocols
Bluetooth 4.0 LE

Google tells me that others have deconstructed the protocol.

thank you very much vinceherman! This is a good start for us.
Ill try to post back whe im coming further with the project