Arduino as sense resistor on dc/dc converter

Hi all,

I was looking on the web but couldn’t find what I’m looking for. Is there possible to use arduino as “sense resistor” on dc/dc converter?
I attached some schematic with marked resistor, with different kind of resistance you set different output voltage/current. My idea is to use arduino instead of this resitor so I can change values digital.

Is this possible with arduino?

Thank you for any help.



You can use the arduino to switch in different resistors using a relay shield. You need to isolate the Vin from your Arduino.

Why do you want to change the sense resistors?


This is actual sch where I want to digitaly change resistance to trim voltage output.
Now I’m changing it with potentiometer but is not so precise at would be digitaly.
But changing with relay shield means that I need to have a lot of resistors :slight_smile:


Googled "digital resistor arduino" and got this and lots more.

Have not read it but it may help.

Weedpharma There are lots of digital potentiometers. Select by: resistance range needed Interface type (I2C, SPI, other) Supply voltage max current flow thru resistance path