Arduino as Serial adapter

Hello world, I want to use my Arduino as a Serial adapter . I need this to connect my my PC throught the Arduino to my Fonera2.0's motherboard in order to flash Fonera2.0 ( to install OpenWRT ^^ )

I've seen something that can help me :

It shows the Fonera2.0's motherboard messages. I want to modify this program so that i will be able to talk to the Fonera2.0 using his Serial ports

PS: Sorry for my english ( I'm french )

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The problem here is that you have only one serial port on the arduino and to do this you need two serial ports, one to talk to the PC and the other to talk to your device. You could use the software serial library to get another port but I think that would not be fast enough for the task. You also need to condition the TTL level of signals from the arduino's pins that you use for the software serial into true RS232 voltage levels using something like a MAX232 chip.

[horntoot]The Gator board uses an ATmega324P processor which has a second hardware serial port. The free software that comes with it allows you to (among other things) configure it as a USB-to-serial converter.[/horntoot]

Wait, what exactly are you trying to do? You want to use your arduino as a relay for the serial signal? Or, are you saying that you want to use your Arduino as a USB to serial converter? If that's the case, and you don't want to spend ten bucks for a TTL cable, you might be able to get away with pulling the atmega and wiring it up to D0 and D1 for RX and TX. I don't know what Fonera's serial protocol looks like, but most of the (official) full-size boards with onboard USB also break out CTS, DSR, DCD, and RI to an unpopulated "X3" header, if you need them. If you need DTR or RTS, you'd have to solder directly to an SMT pad to get access.

If your motherboard uses TTL level serial data then all you have to do is unplug the AVR chip (or hardwire reset pin to ground pin) and use pins 0 & 1 as the serial data pins to your motherboard.


Hello world , Thank you everybody for your answers

I think i am going to try the retrolefty's method , because , in France , in my region , it's too hard to find a TTL / USB adapter

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Remember he said:-

If your motherboard uses TTL level serial data

that is IF France , in my region , it's too hard to find a TTL / USB adapter