arduino as serial passthrough?

I have a telescope that can be contolled by serial port at 9600 baud, and I happened to have a arduino fio board and a bluetooth bee laying around and thought it would be cool to use them wirelessly to pass the information on to the telescope but so far I just plain dont know what I am doing.

I was thinking that since the bee and the FTDI couldnt be attached at the same time I could have the arduino setup the bee to 9600 baud and just use the FTDI leads to pass the information along to the scope, but clearly this doesnt work as I expected.

Is it possible to use these boards as a relay? (the telescope uses an RJ11/12 and only 3 of the wires)

This is doable, but works better with a Mega board that has multiple hardware UARTS than with a UNO or Duemilanove board [28 pin cpu], which only has a single h.w. UART, and where you need to use SoftwareSerial to get a 2nd serial port.

For s.w. example, see IDE "File > Examples > 4.Communications > MultiSerialMega".