Arduino as Soundgenerator and transmitting over Bluetooth a2dp

Hi together,

I´m a little bit confused atm, that´s why I need help from the cracks ^^
Must confess, I´ve never been programming an Arduino, just little Projects on Atmel´s,
but as I´m not that bad in progaming C - Code, I guess it would be challenging but possible.

(I do have 2 weeks time %) - that´s why I´m getting nervous, it´s for a LARP of a Friend, he wants a Gatling Gun with Sound (first Step with a Foot - Switch - connected to the Arduino, in a next Step I´d prefer a Bluetooth - Trigger on the Gun).

I wanted to create a Soundgenerator that´s loading the Sound from a SD - Card
and transmitts it to a via Bluetooth A2DP connected Standard Speaker.

But I´m drowning in the available Hardware and are not really able to find for example a suitable Bluetooth - Shield.

I´m not really sure if an Arduino Zero or an Arduino Due would be the way to go or an overkill.
Additionally as I wrote above, I´m not sure which Bluetooth - Module to choose, that is capable to connect to a Standard - Bluetooth - Speaker - Set. What I understand in the mean time is, that I´ll need a Master - Module....

What I´ve chosen so far is this :

Bluetooth - Speaker :

Arduino :

SD-Card - Shield :

And as Bluetooth - Module I don´t know if this is one that would fit my needs :

I would appreciate your help, and an AddOn - Question: would it be possible that a Bluetooth - Module will act as a Sender (that´s connected all the time to the Speaker for low latency) and as a Receiver at the same time for Serial Commands later on for the Trigger ?

Questions over Questions %)

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile: