arduino as stand alone unit for copying data


for photographical purposes i want to make an arduino based device that is able to copy data on a sd card to an usb stick or hard drive.

what i want to realize:

put a sd card in a sd card slot and connect the usb stick/ hard drive.
push a button and the arduino will make a map on the usb stick and copies all the data from the sd card in the new created map on the usb stick...

maybe if it is possible also add a status bar and/or remaining time on a lcd display or something...

my questions are:

is this possible to make?
if yes where i have to start looking for? and are there maybe toturials were this is done?

i know arduino but nothing from data and storage so all help is welcome.

thanks in advance

jazzy G

is this possible to make?

I'd say that if you have to ask, the answer is no.

The Arduino is a USB slave - it can be told what to do.
The USB stick/hard drive is also a USB slave.
Without a USB Host (master) around, the slaves sit around a drink beer all day.

You could add a USB Host shield into the mix, and write the appropriate USB drivers to talk to the USB stick/hard drive.

Writing USB drivers is not a beginner project.

Sounds like you want something like this