Arduino as USB Keyboard (hardware built)

I'm trying to make my arduino pretend to be a USB keyboard following the directions I found on

I've setup the hardware on my breadboard but when I plug the USB into the computer it doesn't type anything.

It does however detect that I have connected a low speed device (even without the arduino attached) but says that its refusing the address and I keep getting error -62 in Linux, in Windows I just get "Unrecognized USB device"

The software I used is simply the 001Alpha with the single updated .h file next to the 001Alpha download. The author mentioned something about the 0012 arduino but I'm not sure what that means, possibly the IDE? I'm using the 0012 IDE anyways and it seems to load the software to the arduino without any complaints.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Any other information I should post? Pics of my breadboard? Zip of the exact software I'm uploading to it? (my camera is a pain in the butt so I don't want to have to take pics with it unless its necessary)