Arduino as web server, buttons on page, update a list, best practice method

Hi all, I've written some code that works nicely with physical buttons and a TFT screen. The next stage of my project is to replace the physical buttons with buttons on a web page. A press of the button would then need to update a list displayed on the web page.

Ill eventually need to access the page via multiple devices at the same time. Each device could have only their corresponding button displayed to avoid pressing the "wrong" button.

Whenever any device makes a press, all devices will need to be refreshed with the updated list.

I'm new to html, ajax, java, xml.

From what research i've already done it seems the 'proper' way is to; host a web page from the sd card. use XML to refer to my data that will be manipulated. Use Jquery to do stuff on the button presses. Use Ajax to update the lists whenever needed.

Am i going about this the right way or will i be wasting my time learning a load of useless info?

How would you do it?

thanks for your thoughts!

About right. You can't expect all connected devices to know the switch is on or off when multiple devices are querying the same button. Post your html page here for some critique. All SD card page web server code I have seen are static content dumping from SD card to network connection. Does this fit your project?