Arduino as webpage

Hello, I have a web site already set up running Debian/Apache. I was wondering if it was possible to redirect a certain page on my domain to the Arduino. What I mean is: say directs you to my main website, is there a way to make it so that redirects to the Arduino, which is also on the local network. If it isn't possible to do it directly, is it possible for something like a php script to fetch the Arduino web page and serve it up on my main server, any time that page is viewed?

Yes is possible but we need some information for give you a simply solution. 1) have you only a domain hosted or you have some service? 2) your domain service use a cpanel or what?

If you have cpanel is verry simply trough cpanel set your hown third domain to your dinamic ip connection. i mean ( is verry simply to redirect to dinamic ip from your connetion( e.g. AOL connection)