Arduino at ARCO

Dear all,

Arduino will be featured at ARCO (, one of the most important art fairs in Europe. This year the featured country is Austria, and Arduino will be represented at the same museum as Ars Electronica!!

We have been invited with very short notice, because of the project's future projection for education, as well as its proven use in installation art. The opening in Madrid will be February 7th and we will count with a stand including some posters and a DIY workspace for people to pass by. The space will be running until April 2nd.

We want to take this as an opportunity to make the first Arduino world map. Therefore we invite you to send us a picture of yourself with your Arduino board, a project you have made (including a short description), an idea for a future project, etc. We will gather together all those ideas, visions, projects, and people in a map that will represent this growing community of education and its visions.

Submit you pictures directly to: arduino [at] labbs [dot] net, and Björn Wahlström, one of the graphic designers we collaborate with, will help us to put everyone in place.

Thanks for this first 10 months of amazing electronic adventures!

/David on behalf of the ARDUINO FOUNDATION

hey…this is great!
I might be coming to madrid to see it in the next few days…
Where exactly is the stand? booth number?
is it inside arco? how come it goes untill the 2nd of april?

any chance to meet the spanish arduino posse?
cervecita en lavapies? :wink:

let us know

Yes, where is Arduino at ARCO? I am showing my Will.0.w1sp piece as part of the Vida 8.0, "Art and Artificial Life" presentations at Telefonica Foundation's booth in Pavillion 9, stand 9PS03. I'm using an Arduino board to control the motion sensors. If anybody from Arduino is around, I'd like to meet them and show them the installation.

Kirk Woolford

Hej guys,

thanks for the interest. Arduino was at Arco through the Fundacion Telefonica piece made by Kirk.

At the same time, Austria was the invited country to Arco this year, and Ars Electronica organized an exhibition opening as part of Arco's cultural program. Arduino was featured at Ars Electronica show called "Digital Transit" at Centro Cultural Conde Duque. It will be a two months long open laboratory for people to pass by, try the boards, ask questions, and have fun.

Sorry I didn't answer earlier about this, but I was helping other artist to set up things and didn't have time for the forum. However I want to thank the effort of those that helped out to set up the small Arduino lab: Quique, Gema, Juan Carlos, Igor, Angela, Marcos, Gustavo, and all the others that keep the project going.



PS. Beltran sorry we missed each other this time, I am looking forward to meet you again

hey no problemo :)

in the end I couldn't make to go to madrid before the end of arco (sorry kirk, your project sounded very interesting...any pictures or results from it??)

I'm now in andalucia and if I manage on my way back to italy, I'll go to the conde duque to check how things are going...

we'll meet another time david :)

see ya b.