Arduino ATtiny cores


I'm having a lot of trouble bootloading the ATtiny arduino cores. Anybody have a fix?

I did this.

It doesn't work.

Hmm, that didn't work.

All I get is the RX led blink 3 times and the pin 13 led is super dim allll the time.

Any other ideas?

Badaboom, Bump

I loaded my ATtiny2313s using the ArduinoISP and don't bother trying to use a bootloader. Do you have the fuses set correctly?

I haven't changed anything. I just keep on getting a not in sync error when trying to burn the bootloader. The boards.txt shows that the fuses are set for this:


At least for the bootloader i'm trying to burn. I never edited them.

I'm using the ArduinoISP sketch.

Put LEDs on pins 9, 8, and 7. One of them will dim/brighten repeatedly ("heartbeat") to show that ArduinoISP is loaded, the second shows an upload occuring, and the third will show an error. The "heartbeat" will save your sanity; if it's not doing anything then you know ArduinoISP isn't loaded.

Well I know the ArduinoISP sketch is uploaded. The compiler says "YO DAWG IT'S UPLOADED!" after I upload it (thats not what it actually says, I just type in prose). The issue is the bootloader or something I think. I have the 10uF cap on reset to ground.

There has been some issues with the Arduino as ISP earlier which version of Arduino are you using? And ehhm, do I dare to ask, You upload the Arduino as ISP sketch, before you connect the 10uF cap

...I can't remember if I upload before the 10uF cap. I think I did. I'd feel stupid if I didn't, haha. I'm using Arduino 1.0.1

...and again with the heartbeat LED you'd be certain if ArduinoISP is running or not.

And when the heartbeat is OK, you can follow the steps here:,111481.msg839587.html#msg839587

I have never managed to make the bootloader bit work on attinys. Even though the 'bootloader' is really just changing fuses, it flat refuses to upload for it. I do the fuses manually.

My experiences in the matter and eventual success are "chronicled" -,87229.0.html