arduino ATtiny85

hello all, I am creating a small system of temperature and humidity detection using arduino in different places located several tens of meters between them. So that the temperature sensors lose the signal after a few meters would then implement a system in such a way that the sensors communicate with arduino via a RS485 cable. so I have to create an electronic circuit where I connect the temp sensor. an ATtiny85 which sends the read data to a SN75176 then using a cable rs485 I connect to another SN75176 installed on arduino.

My problem is that I do not know how to connect the pins of the ATtiny85 pin SN75176. Have you by any chance a wiring diagram? My project is right? Other electronic parts are missing?



I use some ATtiny85-s for the same purpose, too... But I connect them via one data cable with the central... The central pulls it high when it wants to talk to someone... Then it calibrates the 1-bit (e. g. 20usec low) and the 0-bit (e. g. 10usec low)... Then it sends the address of the ATtiny85 it wants to talk to... Then it sends the request including a parity byte... Then the ATtiny85 starts talking by pulling down the line...

U need less cables and less hardware, but it still works... :)