arduino audio bug?

I was wondering how would I got about it? I took a look at sparkfuns website and saw they had some microphones and I was looking at what breakout board to use, but I am wanting to make it small as possible How would I power this? without it being too bulky? How should I go about transmitting it wirelessly? FM or Wifi?

No, I am not planning to do anything malicious with this, Just have a curious mind. :slight_smile:

Their electret breakout board has a preamp built-in, so you won't have to build a pre-amp: SparkFun Electret Microphone Breakout - BOB-12758 - SparkFun Electronics

It takes ground and 5V (will work with 3V also if needed) and the output is DC coupled already so can go straight to an analog pin, so its easy to power and small.

Actually an arduino is not a good choice for doing hardly anything with audio signals. The analog input pins are not compatible with audio which is a AC voltage source. Extra external circuitry to amplify and offset the voltage to stay in the positive DC range that analog input pins can handle is needed, and perhaps the SparkFun device you talked about do that. Even then the arduino is really not powerful enough to say sample and digitize a audio signal of any useful frequency bandwidth, and lastly the arduino doesn’t have enough standard memory to store any significant amount of digitized audio. At best you can build cool clap on / clap off type projects, but it’s pretty limited what an arduino can do with an audio signal.

An arduino also by itself in not capable of generating a FM or Wifi output signal. That would require additional shield modules. Wireless microphone projects are not difficult in themselves, but an arduino in not part of such a application in most cases.


Ah I see, From the ones I looked at didn't seem they could achieve what I wanted. I figured I would ask here if there was anything I was missing.