Arduino authentication with external PHP (Laravel) server.

Hello. Im a Web developer and Im burdened with the task of writing a web app, that logs and shows data from multiple Arduino boards. I need some basic advice here, so I know i`m on the right track.

We have Users. Each user has one or many Arduino boards. Each board has multiple temperature and heat sensors connected to it. The code on the Arduino is not for me to write, a dedicated person will do that.

Now the board will have to connect to my website and send the data from the sensors via Post for example. I would like to have some sort of authentication so each user`s module can log into the website only if its authenticated. What type of authentication is best? I can use Basic Auth easily with Laravel, but I have no idea if the Arduino will handle it and how.

If anyone can show a sample of a similar authentication and explain how the Arduino will keep the session alive or something will be great. I have searched allot, but all I can find is if it is on Local or the Arduino hosts its own server. This is will not work for me, as I cannot know each users IP or force them to port forward their routers, hope you can understand.

I will be sure to post my progress and code as I continue on the project.

Some reading material.