Arduino auto-reset, simple enough...

Good morning everyone,

I just bought a usb to serial converter to use with an arduino. However, I have not been able to use auto-reset with it. To reset the arduino, to my knowledge, I need to set the(RESET/DTR/Pin1) pin low.
I then followed this tutorial: to make the auto-reset. It connects the DTR pin to a .1uf capacitor and then to pin 2 on the PL2303HX chip. Well, you might have guessed it, it doesn’t work! I tested the line from the PL2303HX and when a sketch is uploaded, it goes from 1.5v to 5v. The “output” by the capacitor stays at 0 volts which means it is broken?!?? Is there something I am missing?

The exact name of the converter is: USB To RS232 TTL PL2303HX Auto Converter

Thank you!

Is there a pull-up resistor wired from the AVR reset pin to Vcc? 10K ohms is normal.

Im pretty sure there is one on the arduino itself, although I will have to verify. Let's say I want to use another arduino to control the DTR line. When the voltage spike comes, should I set the DTR pin low for a few seconds, then back up to 5v or how should I do it?