Arduino automation guidance

Hi all,

I'm fairly new to Arduino's and learning with the Uno R3 starting to get to grips with it & learning as i go really, already have the sensors reporting.

I've set myself a project for Home Automation, with a twist of being installed in my houseboat.

Project 1 was with an Odroid C1 board running Linux which outputs GPS to a 7" screen & also runs OpenHAB linking to an existing 12v bluetooth relay controlling the heating system.

Next step is to link in the Arduino board with temperature, humidity, smoke/flame & also my lighting system, Milight 2.4Ghz controller running RGBW's throughout the boat.

Question to keep things simple should i just need the Arduino ESP8266 wifi sheild (i'm based in the UK)?

If i then run a few nano boards in the mix to expand the sensors can i use the ESP8266 on each one to network then have one control the Milights and all report back to OpenHAB on the C1?

Or am i overstretching things?


The ESP8266 has a powerful processor. There is an add-on for the Arduino IDE that lets you write programs directly for the ESP8266 so you wouldn't need both that and an Arduino at each location.