Arduino + avr-gcc. Help Please.

Hey all. I'm trying to get a program called grbl up and running on my arduino.

The developer (Simen) kindly wrote me back with a short explanation of how it's done, but there wasn't enough info for me to understand the process.

I am currently using the latest Ubuntu with Arduino 0017 to do all of my Arduino stuff (

This is what I think I need to do from reading Simen's directions: 1.) sudo apt-get install avr-gcc 2.) go into the directory I untarred to code 3.) make 4.) make flash 5.) Simen told me to do something to the make file to get it to talk to the arduino but I've searched and searched and can't find what to do...

Can someone give me a step by step on how to get this loaded on my Duemilanove (Atmel168 version)? Or give me a nudge in the right direction :)


I am currently in the middle of a similar CNC project. Did you ever get the GRBL/Arduino installation figured out? I'm having a tough time with it as well.

Yes, i did get it installed. please see for instructions. It's working brilliantly!

That is a very nice build you have there. I searched through the site, but I didn't see any documentation on installing GRBL to the Arduino. Did I miss it?

@Shern: Yes, sorry I was just pointing to proof that I had it running.

To get it installed was actually really easy: I downloaded avrdude and NMAKE. Once you do that (and get them installed) then you have to:

-Goto the folder that you unzipped the files to (C:\grbl) and open the MAKE file with notepad or wordpad or some text editor -Find the line that says: "PROGRAMMER = -c avrisp2 -P usb" and change it to: "PROGRAMMER = -c avrisp -P com9 -b 9600 -F" where "com9" is the com port your arduino is on

-Launch a command prompt -Navigate C:\grbl -type make -type make flash, before you press enter, press the reset button on your your arduino. it takes a little practice, but I'm sure you'll get it.

[u]Here are some links that helped me:[/u]


I am using Arduino IDE on Ubuntu 09.10(Karmic)

Arduino has a very nice "get started" page for installation on Ubuntu.

Did you tried it?

Cheers Joseph


Thanks a ton, that is exactly what I was looking for. I got it installed without a hitch.

My only holdup now is the pinouts in config.h. I'm not sure which port/bit corresponds with which pin on the Arduino. Do you know how Simen set these up?

@Shern: Funny, I had the exact same question after getting it installed!

I emailed Simen and this was his reply to me:

> "The pin-assignments refers to the pin names in the AVR-tradition, not Arduino. Generally you'll have to refer to the schematic to convert from AVR-pins to Arduino numbers. In the default config I have selected the first six pins of PORTB as the output pins. Referring to this schematic: > > > > I see that PB0-5 on the AVR is broken out as pin 8-13 on the Arduino Diecimila. "

PB0 = Arduino Pin 8 PB1 = Arduino Pin9 PB2 = Arduino Pin10 PB3 = Arduino Pin11 PB4 = Arduino Pin12 PB5 = Arduino Pin13

let me know how it works out for you.

Good to know you're back on track.

btw, do you also make your own CNC machine?



I just wanted everyone whoe comes across this thread that I have started documenting Grbl. Start here: