Arduino -> AVRCP Bluetooth protocol

Here's my situation: I can only find modules that stream audio via A2DP and also support AVRCP. Also, I can also only find Arduino's that support serial communication through bluetooth.

I don't need either of those :)

I am looking for a module that is simply for controlling a bluetooth avrcp enabled device. Such as, play/pause/forward/back/volume+/-. I do -not- want audio streamed to my bluetooth device, that's most definitely not where this is headed. I just need to control my blackberry/iphone/wp7 devices. They already have their own amplified stereos.

The setup I'd like to see: A) Pair iPhone to Android/Bluetooth module. B) Connect Play/Pause buttons to my Arduino. C) Click the button, Pause the music. D) ...profit?

Any pointers?

Sorry to dig up a thread from the dead but I would also be interested in something like this. Did you ever figure it out?

Any progress on this, guys? I need it urgently :)

Bump! Does anyone have any ideas?

from the future, how did you do this?