Arduino avrdude: stk500_getsync() error message


Yesterday, after a few weeks of studying, i had finally some time to make a simple arduino project. After i finished my code i tried to upload it to the arduino but i had no luck. I thought it was my sketch that causes the problem but even the simple blink sketch won't upload to my arduino.

I get this error message: avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00. I'm working on a win7 pc (also tried another pc with xp), my arduino is a Arduino UNO Rev3. My pc recognises the arduino (he sees the arduino).

I tried a few things with the reset button but it didn't solved the problem. I even tried to reset the arduino using the old way by connecting reset pin with the gnd pin.

Can somebody help me?


I'm having the same issue with Uno and Mac.

Hope someone can help us.

What COM port shows up in Device Manager for your Arduino board?
What Serial Port is selected in the IDE under Tools-Serial Port?
What Board is selected in the IDE under Tools-Board?

It's com3 and that is the one i selected in the IDE under tools-serial. I have the Arduino Uno Selected under tools-board.

Is the Arduino going through a USB hub or plugged directly into the system?
I have heard of several cases where going through a hub caused problems.
If connected to a hub, try connecting directly to the system.

It’s connect directly to the pc.

Have you tried the loop back test described in the first post of this troubleshooting forum?
That will help isolate up to the atmega chip.

I tried but i don't understand step 7. Can you explain it?

Launch the Arduino IDE.
Click on the icon on the right side of the IDE. It should say Serial Monitor when you hover over it.

Now type in the top line, you should see what you typed on the bottom window.

The loopback test failed. Nothing is echoed back. Does this mean that my arduino is broken/bread?

The loopback test failed. Nothing is echoed back. Does this mean that my arduino is broken/bread?

in my understanding not necessarily
it could be a problem with the comp too
with the usb cable you are using
with the port
with the converters
are you using external battery for logic on the board or are you using the usb for power?
if you are using external power sometimes not enough power to run the logic is also a problem.. it happened with me once..
see this error..
( if you have the avrdude on while uploading or compiling you would know)
basically means there is a problem in communication between the board and the comp
it could be wrong setting selected..
make sure you have the bootloader of your board and not some others
make sure that the correct board correct and working port are selecting
apart from that.. honestly.. you are your own debugger.. it is possible anybody saying anything here is irrelevant to you..
trust me
get your hands dirty
rest everyone here is to out to help
take care

Today i did the loopback test on another pc. I also used a different usb calbe. The test failed again but i noticed that the l led turned off when i accedentaly touched the usb connector on the arduino. It happened once.