Arduino await function / asynchronous operation

Hello everyone, I am new here. I was working with raspberry pi pico with micropython but i want to use Arduino. I started a new project but i realise arduino don't have await function. How can i use things in order ? For example first servo1 rotate 180 then rfid rc 522 works then servo2 work. I am just asking how can i use things in order . I can design after this. For know i have led and servo so when led==low , servo move. How can i do this ? Thank you .This is what i try.I know i am noob. So how can i use things in order? Thank you for help.
Servo servo1;
int led=8;
void setup() {

pinMode(led, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
digitalWrite(led, HIGH);

digitalWrite(8, LOW);

Your sketch needs a timer funktion.
The mother of all timer functions inside the Arduino biotop is the BWOD example located inside the IDE.

to spell it out: BWOD = Blink Without Delay

you'll find countless more detailed explanations like (first google hit, not a particular recommendation) online

I ill use http reuest and take data from rest api.Can i still use this method for await?

Try it.
We donĀ“t know your current sketch.

Some millis() timing tutorials:
Several things at a time.
Beginner's guide to millis().
Blink without delay().

I tried it's not working.Arduino asyn work with millis() , Http response,Servo's and HX711

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