Arduino barcode console???

Hi, I’m new here,
I’m a Portuguese .net programmer, with some eletronic and c++ knowlage.

I bought my arduino a few weeks now, and i’m just amazed with this.

I’ve been playing arround with leds, servos and light sensors and interaction with Processing. only to get used how this works.

Now i’m starting to think on a bigger project.

So, my idea is to make a data console, with a barcode reader, and a nokia display (as I saw in a project with the display and a joystick)

Do you think that this is possible? or is better to forget it?

Sorry about the bad english, it’s a little bit rusty.

Thanks and best regards

I already found an article with some explanations how to connect a barcode an ps2 reader to a arduino,

So I think i’m going for it, trying go gather the material to start this.

I will need:

Arduino (got it);
ps2 barcode reader;
nokia display with joystik;
Micro sd Module;

The ideia is to read the barcode, dispay is data and store it in the memory card.

After that i will build a program to copy the data from the memory card, and store the data in a mysql database.

I acept all the sugestions and critics possible :slight_smile:

I have a bar-code reader with a PS/2 interface, so connecting it to the Arduino will require a PS/2 keyboard-style connection and software. Sounds like you’ve already found that! Building a bar-code scanner with an LCD looks like quite a do-able thing.

Yes, I found this example, i think it has all the bases i need to read barcodes.

Next week i’m trying to get a codebar reader.

Meanwhile, i’m tryin to find where to buy the nokia screen, but i’ve only found it in an UK online store.


I didn’t understant de barcode battler image…

its an old hand held game with built in bar code scanner, may be a good thing to salvage parts from…cant see then costing much any more.

thanks :),
A friend is going to get me an barcode reader for testing.
meanwhile i’m starting to test things with a ps2 keyboard.

Some infos about the barcode battler thing
First, the gaming itself

Tech infos

Other barcode games

This is kinda OT, but I actually started a tear down of a barcode scanner game a while ago. I’ve actually got more photos somewhere that include showing how the scanner uses very simple hardware for the scanning part.


I remember reading a tutorial on how to do barcode scanning with a LED/photosensor and a cheap PIC microcontroller. Certainly an atmega168 would be up to that task. However, to save you the headache you might want to pick up a used bar code reader. Here in the US you can get the CueCat scanners cheaply on ebay. The interface is identical to that of a PS/2 keyboard.

Where can i find that nokia display with joystick for sale in europe?

I’ve been searching and i only find it in sparkfun electronics.

I’ve also have a lot of old mobile phones, maybe i could get a controler and make it myself, is this possible? and could somebody give a hint with this?


Thanks a lot!!

Is it my impression, or this display will use almost all the digital and analog pins?

Then, who can i connect another things to arduino?

I need to double-check but I think it does not touch digital I/O pins 0 through 7. It’s got a header soldered in, but no traces from those pins. Unsolder and put in some tall-stacking female headers instead.

if you’re looking for a cheap ps2 scanner, look for an old radioshack cue cat. they dont make them anymore, but sometimes you can find them for cheap i.e. less than 5 dollars.

I got a barcode scanner from FreeCycle once:

For a shield with display you have this one in europe
it has a rotary encoder + pushbutton but no joystick.

Thanks for your help people.
I’m going to order the display from nuelectronics. Halley, good tip :slight_smile:

About the scanner, since i’m going to use ps2, first i’m going to make all the tests with a keyboard, and after if i manage to create some kind of csv file with the keyboard input, and display some information. i will search for the barcode reader.