Arduino barcode pick system

I work in an electronics shop where good gets booked in for a test. Each test receipt the customer and my self receive have a unique barcode number on them.

I want to make an arduino based system where I can scan the barcode on the receipt and let the customer know that I have received there item and displays them in this format ("order number in receipt" goods received in test area) on either a LCD or LED Screen on the shop floor.

And with this system I would also like to be able to scan the barcode again in order to change the state on the screen to "(order number on receipt) your test is complete please see a member of staff)

I have played with the arduino for over 2 years now and the most advanced thing I've done is say "hi" on a 7 figure display. So I was wondering if any of you guys could help me out with what kind of parts I need and more importantly. How to code it.