Arduino based bluetooth repeater


I’m a software developer with extensive experience in software security; and now who would have guessed I need to build a Bluetooth range extender for one of my personal projects; I’ve done some research (as always) however; taking into account that I’m dealing with a field I realy have had no experience with what so ever (well I had large experience with BT on android platform).then still I’ve never in my life used arduino before.

ok here it goes; I need the arduino to receive both BLE and BL-standard data (preferably) from one device buffer it for a while and broadcast it further to other devices. It would be good if the buffer could keep data of 0-10MB (for BT standard yeah) in size; Please note I’m asking mainly for help with picking up the right hadrware (bluetooth modules) etc. software part I shall take care of.

also if someone could elaborate a little on the subject of the possibility of creating an insecure RFCOMM (no pairing) connection between such a module and android.


No experience disclaimer applies,

Sounds interesting, I would start with a MEGA as that has 4 hardware Serial ports to connect BT devices to. Furhermore an SD card for buffer could be useful as 10MB is too much to handle for the MEGA itself.