Arduino based board - Creative Commons License Q.

Hello folks,

Since I discovered Arduino it´s been a very intensive experience for me regarding producing, interfacing, hardware and software concepts.

I have started from zero, managing to produce own PCB´s (Severino is the only thing I worked), and collected the necessary skill and materials to produce boards ready to go, with good results but everything made in here, my home. Well… not the same result as the industrial approach but interesting enought and very well done. I took the hole process trying to achieve the best results as possible, printing from silk screening and applying the paint masks, what ended nice.
All this stuff for the only purpose to have it as a hobby, and it turned the most pleasant hobby I ever tasted. After all, the fun having the board itself done, using the board it´s another hole incredible aspect.

After putting Arduino embed some robots and projects it demanded some specific needs which I had no access, from that point i designed my own board, based on the Severino project.

Now i want to tag the board under Creative Commons but have some doubts:

1- I dont have the schematics yet. I just started these days learning Eagle Cad but still not have enough skill to have it done. I can register under CC even not having the schematics? Let´s say just the board layout and component positions?
2- I was studying the Licence types and can I choose any one I like more? For this Arduino based board?

I was planing to register under CC after getting schematics done but the last days I realized some nice opportunity (not consolidated), to have my board used into some projects, this way willing about doing the license thing a despite of no schematics available.

Well, sorry if no great grammar here, english is not my native.
Thanks for reading this and if any clue or points about the matter.

Regards !