Arduino based drum module


I would like to make arduino based drum module. I have made piezo drum triggers for acoustioc drums and i would like to make hardware that would be able to send midi data to my PC. I dont need hardware to play any sound, only midi notes with velocity info. So, basicly, what I want is to play acoustic drums and record midi of my playing on a DAW (pro tools, cubase, doesnt matter) and then put it trough a vst drum like addictive drums or bfd, superrior drummer.

heres a pic of what i imagined.

So, the question is, what do i need to order, what do I need to solder, where can I order the parts I need for this and so on...

thanx in advance and I apologise in advance if this thread allready exsists

Have you looked at the MIDI library?

Try to check this: