Arduino based midi controller for VSTI

Hi all :slight_smile:

i want to make a midi ribbon controller but in addition to add few pots and 2 push buttons.
as i understand i have 6 analog inputs in the Arduino that i can connect the wiper of all pots.
so its means that i can connect 6 elements (pots/push buttons) is that correct?

the ribbon will be the midi trigger (keyboard) and the pitch bend.
1 pot for cutoff filter
1 pot for resonance
1 pot for modulation
2 push buttons for select vsti bank presets.

i think i know how to connect them all, correct me if i'm wrong please.
for the ribbon i know i will need a 100k resistor connect to the wiper and from the resistor to analog 0-6, do i need to know anything els?
for the pots ..
left pin to 5V , right pin to ground, middle pin (wiper) to analog 0-6, is that right? do i need to add other components for the pots?

how do i connect the push buttons? :-?

i will connect the midi out plug like this and from the Arduino midi out to FF400 midi in.
i'm gonna use 9V battery to power the Arduino.
i have some talented friend that will write the code for this.

should i expect any problems?

thank in advanced,
Isak E. :slight_smile:

Hello Isak,

For connecting the push buttons you can do it in a couple of digital inputs, with a pull-up (or pull-down resistor) and read the digital value of them to check if they are pressed. for only two push buttons there's no sense to connect them in analog inputs.

For the ribbon code you may find usefull part of mine here:

Good luck with the project.

thanks for replying piniflopa :slight_smile:

WOW :o great work!!!

as for the ribbon part i have this code from the clone of Arduino called Miduino
its by Tom Scarff, its suppose to work with no problems.
this is the project ..
i'm doing the same with the Arduino just adding the right code for the pots and push buttons.
as i said i dont understand much about the code or how it works i even dont know how to read schematics :-[
what i do know is basic electronics and some solder skills.
i'm also good copier i know to copy circuits :wink:
so i look at pics and build what i see.
for example i'v build a synthesizer only by looking at pics ;D
works great :smiley:

can u show me how and wher exactly i need to connect the push buttons and resistors i need to put please ?
if u can drew i would be more then grateful.
thank you very much!!!
Isak E.