Arduino based Office-WTF-Counter

As in any office, my co-workers and I experience several WTF-Situations during our working day. So we decided to implement a simple system to count the WTF's and use them as a metric for our working climate :-)

we use an "emergency stop"-Button which is connected to an arduino. This arduino sends the string "WTF" on the serial line a little python scrip writes them to a file, another processing app count's the lines in the file and offers the result via http, which is read by a processing app for visualisation ...

nice idea! i think thats usefull in our office too :D

but why not just put a ethernet shield on it and run the counting on the arduino? :-?

because we have an old imac standing on the shelf displaying some rss-feeds, our nagios-network-state and controling some lavalamps showing the status of our continuus integration server :-)

Please post pics of the lava-lamp-server-status thingy.

BTW, where'd you get the button? I must have one!

Nice. I'm sure the people behind The Daily WTF would appreciate this.