Arduino based portable four point probe

Hi, I wan to design an arduino project to measure the resistivity of semiconductor by using four point probe method. Can anyone experienced can lend me a hand to point me how to start and complete this project. :smiley: Is ok if the result is not as accurate as the pro gear, just like more of concept project. Of course i will use battery to make it portable.

So first read this:- Four-terminal sensing - Wikipedia

In my undergraduate project in the 70s i use the Van der Pauw method of four point probes to measure the sheet resistivity of a semiconductor.

My worry here is that you will not have enough sensitivity from the internal A/D to make any meaningful measurements. What I would do is to have a floating constant current generator to apply a current to points 1 & 4 and then connect point 3 to the Arduino ground and point 1 to the Arduino analog input.

However, I seem to remember that you had to reverse the polarity of things to get and average reading and that I did with relays. I would recommend the same approach here.

What part are you having problems with.
What is your background in hardware/software?

Show us a good schematic of your circuit.
Show us a good image of your wiring.

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What do you mean by "the resistivity of semiconductor"?
What range of resistance are you going to be measuring?
How much current can you pass through the semiconductor?

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Hi TomGeorge,

I mean i will design an arduino based system, and it will work like four point probe to measure the sheet resistance and resistivity of wafer (for exp: silicon). I am new to this so i would like to know any ideas, suggestions and guidance if anyone have experience on this :smiley: :slight_smile:

So far i am thinking how to design the 4 probe tip interface to wafer. The current would be around 10mA.

Thank you. Sorry for late reply.

So far i am thinking how to design the 4 probe tip interface to wafer.

You want what are called pogo pins, these are spring loaded pins, so that you can push them down a bit without bending them. They have a variety of ends, I think you will want the simple pointed ones. They are mainly used for in circuit testing in production PCBs.

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