arduino based project on capture and sending images.

hello guys... i am planing to do a project on capture video and send them.which will be the appropriate way that is capable of transmitting over a long distance ...i didn't choose bluetooth or wifi due to distance limitation.i was thinking of tv that possible?how can i do that?

In my opinion, Arduino is not an appropriate image capture platform. A Raspberry PI maybe. An old notebook running XP definitely.

That being said, Due may have the horsepower and SRAM for crude video capture. But, here is what you can expect from those who have gone before...

Arduinos Yun can deal with this kind of thing, you can capture "webcam video" with the Yun but then the only way to send the video anywhere is with WiFi or e-net.

None of the AVR's can go any where near dealing with video.


thanx for your reply.i will take consideration on x bee.its not a must to send direct videos .its a tracking device i just want to transmit images.time in transmisssion diesnot matter

can i also get to know more about transmitting over wifi

Are you going to use the YUN or not?


yes i am going to use uno.

yes i am going to use uno.

a UNO is not a Yun. You can not do anything in this project with a UNO.

i will use a Yun..thank you for your concern