Arduino Based Project

Hi frnds, i am new to this forum i am studying EEE final year i want arduino based projects based on renewable energy sources plz hlp me guyz plz

You will have to give us a lot more details of the project you need help with.

If you are just looking for a list of Arduino related renewable energy projects then Google is probably the best way to find them.


Just do a search here for "solar power" and you get lots of projects for solar powered Arduino projects.
A few months ago there was someone talking about his water power system here, using Arduino to control his generator outputs.

Anyway, you first have to figure out what you really want as the stated subject is incredibly broad and pretty ambiguous.

based on renewable energy sources

Oil is a renewable energy source, if you have a few million years to wait. And some dead dinosaurs. But, maybe you could use elephants, instead. Might need a few more...

What, exactly, about the field of renewable energy sources, excites YOU? Developing a project along those lines will make it more likely that it will hold your interest long enough to get all the kinks worked out.