Arduino Based Proposal Device

Hi everybody ! :wink:

A few months ago I decided to propose my then GF.

The idea was simple - to build an Arduino based device with a GPS tracker, an LCD, and a Servo motor (part of the locking mechanism). A message/riddle will appear on the LCD, that will tell her where to go (next).

She had to visit 7 locations. Once she was near the targeted location, the device would congratulate her, start beeping, and then show her some clue for the next location.

At the final location the spring ejected the lid, and the ring was uncovered :slight_smile:

Everything worked well :slight_smile: The wedding is scheduled for June :wink:

I just want to say "THANK YOU & ХВАЛА ! " to the Arduino community.

This wouldn’t be possible without your help <3

"ХВАЛА" is Serbian for Thanks it seems.

Glad to hear it worked out well for you both. Congratulations!

What a great use of the “reverse geo-cache box”! Congratulations! I suggest you place the videos of your fiance playing the puzzle box and some descriptions of this project in an sd card, put it back in the box, place an instruction on the box, and save it. Years from now even decades hopefully GPS satellites are still actively maintained by the US, your next generation would be able to enjoy an excellent adventure with this box!