Arduino based skiing-game

I'm attempting to do an arudino based skiing game for my Physics Electronics class; I have available to me an arduino uno board, two potentiometers, and a laptop keyboard that can potentially be incorporated.

The goal is to make an interactive arduino game using the pot(s), and I have chosen to make a downhill skiing type of game, using one pot to dodge randomly generated obstacles on the screen. Therefore, the simplest version would simply be to twist the pot to dodge obstacles, with increased speed as the game progresses in difficulty.

Is there any close model of this out there right now that I could take a look at? I'm rather new to arduino and coding in general, and am learning a lot of this for the first time.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

obstacles on the screen.

What screen?

My laptop screen.

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Thanks.. Tom... :slight_smile:

My laptop screen.

So... those two pots and the Arduino are not much more than a convoluted joystick?

Check the analogRead example of the IDE.

Change it so it reads both joysticks and prints both values to the Serial monitor. Add a comma in between the values; CR/LF as line termination.

All the rest (interpreting the values, making your avatars move on the screen, obstacle detection, etc) has to be done on the laptop.