Arduino-based toy please help!!


I try to design a field with arduino.

A field is an enclosed area with grass that cows and sheep eat - I suspect that is not what you mean.

Basically,when somebody press the any of the buttons(there will be 3 or more), the mp3 sound come out and the leds will turn on also the motor detect the sound and throw the ball.I am so desperate that i dont know what should i buy.. Firstly i know that i should buy Arduino uno but about the shields or breadboards i have no idea. Please help me :frowning:

What Arduino programming experience do you have? For example have you studied the example programs that come with the Arduino IDE. I suspect most of the techniques you need are included among them.

Break your project into small learning steps. For example write a short program to detect a button press and display a message on the Serial Monitor.

What sort of ball do you want to throw? How heavy is it? How far must it be thrown? What mechanism have you in mind for throwing it?

Planning and Implementing a Program

You buy an MP3 player shield. The one you pick will come with sample code.
Look at the web sites for Sparkfun and Adafruit for choices.

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Hi,now i designed a mp3 player using Arduino and DFplayer with different buttons. When you press one of the buttons, you can listen to different musics. But i want to integrate the mp3 player with a motor that should be enable to throw a little ball. When you press one of the button, the motor should detect the sound that exists only in SD card. What kind of motor should i buy and what kind of sensor also what kind of power source should i buy? DC adapter will be enough as a power source?

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