Arduino Based VR Helmet

I want to design a VR Helmet using Arduino components. What would I need to make it work? What would I need for the controllers? Oculus is just not worth it anymore, HTC is just too expensive, and everything else seems to be garbage.

Things I would like it to do:
Connect to PC wirelessly or by HDMI or be stand alone
Have a full 180 degree view vertically and horizontally
Be 1080p at 120Hz or better

I don’t think you can do this with an Arduino at all. Not fast enough and not enough memory.

Arduino does not do video well at all. You probably need the Raspberry Pi4.

A 2 minute search on “Arduino VR” shows this : Relativty Project.

Good luck.

Hardly using an Arduino, incorporating an Arduino yes but using no.

I mean, that's the best you can get using Arduino. There's no way in hell you would be able to stream 1080p 120hz with an Arduino. Even the RPi still struggles quite a bit with live video streaming, let alone a family of microcontroller running on AVR architecture.