Arduino based Wavelet Approximation Coefficients

Dear all, My aim is to make a signal processing unit that can be carry with me, so no need of laptop/PC. Here I want to use Wavelet for processing the EMG signal from body, and want to obtain the Wavelet Approximation Coefficients.

For initial study I am using two MATLAB functions> wavedec and wrcoef.
I am looking for any Arduino [ Uno/Nano/Mega/ NanoBLE33 sense] based code to get the wavelet of my signal in real time. [Don’t want to use MATLAB on PC/Laptop]

Thanks for any suggestions and reply.

So for starters have you made any code yet? it usually helps to google stuff like this.

No, I didn’t try wavelet on Arduino. But in MATLAB I used wavelet commands to get Wavelet Approximation Coefficients.