Arduino Basic Connections - lots of useful electronic info

Forum user pighixxx has created a fantastic PDF "booklet" available for free download:

It currently consists of 35 colour pages showing sample circuits, plus 4 pages of reference material (resistor and capacitor component markings).

There are examples of connecting lots of types of circuits: push buttons, opto couplers, photo resistors, relays, speakers, microphones, level converters, MIDI interface, LCD screens, rain sensors, IR sensors, IR transmitters, and much more.

Examples of his style:

Whether you are new to electronics and Arduinos, or experienced, this is a very useful reference.

The document is released in "sets" of 3 pages each (to reduce download time).

Currently they are:

Set 1 (Card 1,2,3)

Page 1

  • Pushbutton (switch)
  • Trimmer/potentiometer
  • Photo resistor
  • Optocoupler inputs

Page 2

  • LEDs
  • Dual-colour LEDs
  • LED clusters
  • Lamps

Page 3

  • Relay
  • Audio amplifier
  • Buzzer

Set 2 (Card 4,5,6)

Page 4

  • Speaker
  • Triac

Page 5

  • RGB LED strip
  • DC motor
  • Rotary encoder

Page 6

  • Bi-Directional Voltage Level Converter 3.3V to 5V
  • Bi-Directional Voltage Level Converter 3.3V to 5V with voltage divider
  • TTL / CMOS converter (6 inputs/outputs)
  • TTL / CMOS converter (with transistor)

Set 3 (Card 7,8,9)

Page 7

  • Microphone
  • Servo

Page 8

  • Charlieplexing
  • 7 Segments Display

Page 9

  • 7 Segments Display (Common Anode) with Multiplexing
  • LED Array

Set 4 (Card 10,11,12)

Page 10

  • 7 Segments Display (Common Anode) with MAX7221

Page 11

  • LCD HITACHI 44780 compatible

Page 12

  • LCD HITACHI 44780 compatible via I2C

Set 5 (Card 13,14,15)

Page 13

  • NOKIA LCD (Basic)

Page 14

  • Drive a Unipolar Stepper

Page 15

  • Graphical LCD via I2C

Set 6 (Card 16,17,18)

Page 16

  • Simple 5V Power Supply
  • DIY Arduino
  • FTDI Connector
  • Protect a I/O Pin
  • ICSP pinouts

Page 17

  • SD card
  • Simple 3.3V Power Supply

Page 18

  • Temperature Sensor (LM35)
  • RTC (Real Time Clock) (DS1307)
  • Composite Video
  • VGA Video

Set 7 (Card 19,20,21)

Page 19

  • Keypad
  • Keypad with interrupt

Page 20

  • IR sensor
  • IR emitter

Page 21

  • MAX232 (RS232 level converter)

Set 8 (Card 22,23,24)

Page 22

  • MIDI Interface
  • Multiple Buttons using 1 Analog Input

Page 23

  • Digital Temperature Sensor (DS18B20)
  • A simple Rain Sensor
  • AC input

Page 24

  • PS2 keyboard

Set 9 (Card 25,26,27)

Page 25

  • EEPROM via I2C

Page 26

  • PS2 Dualshock® controller
  • A Simple programmer

Page 27

  • Port Expander (PCF8574xx)
  • How to connect multiple port expanders

Set 10 (Card 28,29,30)

Page 28

  • Shift register
  • How to connect multiple shift registers

Page 29

  • Distance Sensor (Sharp GP2Y0A21)
  • Digital Potentiometer (MCP4161)
  • DAC (MCP4921)

Page 30

  • RS485 Node
  • DMX Controller (Basic)

Set 12 (Card 31,32,33)

Page 31

  • Drive a Motor (L298)

Page 32

  • Debouncing a Pushbutton
  • Simple Debouncer
  • Debouncing a Rotary Encoder

Page 33

  • Drive a Stepper (L293)

Set 13 (Card 34,35,36)

Page 34

  • Logic analyzer
  • Current sense

Page 35

  • Component Tester (basic)

Page 36

  • (Work in progress)

Set 11 (Card I,II,III)

Page I

  • Resistor colour codes

Page II

  • Ceramic Capacitor Codes

Page III

  • Polyester Film-Mylar Capacitor Codes

Set 14 (Card IV,V,VI)

Page IV

  • Simple Transistor Comparison Table

Page V

  • (Work in progress)

Page VI

  • (Work in progress)

Check his site for updates, more pages may be released which are not listed above.

Thanks for pointing this out Nick. Useful stuff.
Not sure I'd agree with all of them, like sourcing current into a common anode display with NPNs, figured PNPs would be better for that, but anything is discussable.

There is a thread about this:

Announcements about new pages are being made there, and errata and discussions should be directed to it.

The ABC book is now being offered for sale in a ring-bound printed version with 170 gsm plastic laminated pages.

Visit here for the details:

Currently the book is planned to have 25 double-sided pages, but with a few more sponsors he is going to increase that to 40 pages. To reach the this goal he has to receive another 300 orders over the next four days (by 5th October 2013). Personally I ordered 5, I plan to give some to cousins and friends interested in electronics.

Single copies can be ordered for $US15 including free shipping. There is a discount for volume.

I know this sounds like an ad, but really this book is an invaluable aid to have next to you when doing Arduino projects.

If you don't want to buy it, the contents can be downloaded for free from his web site, as described above.

pighixxx seems to have removed his book from his site, rendering the links on this page useless. I'm not sure what the story is about that, however I will "un-sticky" this thread as it no longer leads to useful information.