Arduino Battery Charger, Meter

Dear forum, this is my first time posting here. I'm a beginner doing Arduino stuff but I've experience programming.

We have a ISP company with lots of remote site so We developed a 48v battery charger to use as a power supply for our hardware (Mikrotiks, Ubiquiti, etc). Now we need to monitor equipments remotelly. so there are many feature the projects needs to meet. Could you please help me to achive this goal? Features: * Couple and decouple Battery charger (I guess using relays) * Measure voltage and current to decouple the battery charger * Battery cut-off (measuring the voltage drop because of the cunsumption) to decoupe batteries to power circuits * Send data to email (I guess using an Ethernet shield).

Could you please help doing this or help to find some guide??,

Thaks a lot

Maybe I'm alone on this one...

But where do larger (fair enough if you're starting a business and need help) companies get off, asking for help on big projects like this, if they have money for the hardware then they should invest in expertise and pay them to do the job... unless the op is the "expert" in which case... hahahaha.

cjdelphi: When I say "ISP company" I mean ISP starting doing business. I would like to do so bacause of we don't have a lot of money to pay for it, that's first. Second and most important becasuse Electronics in telecomunication is my hobbie.

I very understand your point.


it should work as UPS?? I am working on similar application.

So simply voltage divider to measure voltage of battery. Resistor or current sensor to measure current. Relay for battery coupling and decoupling... but always you will need some secondary battery to power arduino, or you will decouple your primary batteries and arduino will switch of as well and you will lose control. For notifications I would use GSM ( text messages ) no web server and ethernet connection needed.