Arduino BLE Multiple Services Help

So I have a Arduino Nano 33 IOT (ArduinoBLE libary) and I have it setup with 11 services with between 2 and 10 characteristics each. I am trying to update the values using a react web app with chrome bluetooth api (Web Bluetooth Samples). I am not sure which side I am having an issue with so trying to get support from both groups of people.

This bluetooth api seems to only connect to services that are listed as primary services. When I use getPrimaryServices(), I only see 2 of my custom services listed. Is there some command on the arduino that will let me set them all to be primary services?

The example code here can reproduce my problem of only listing 2 services-(Example)

However if I use the app BLE Scanner on my android phone, I am able to see all services and characteristics and they are all listed as Primary Services. And I can use that to update each value as expected.

Figured it out. The advertised service is a service that can be used to filter by, and you seem to only be able to have one. Optional services needs to be the full list of services you want to access. My issue was a javascript issue of a missing s on optionalService(s). All 11 services and 45 total characteristics are update-able but seems to have a slight delay. This may just be because of dealys in my sketch tho so hopefully I can iron those out. Hopefully this helps someone in the future.

Karma for the followup.