Arduino BLE33 stuck in unknown mode - LED Flashing, Serial not Present

I have an Arduino BLE33 Sense but there seems to have an issue.
Currently it is blinking the orange LED in a pattern like SOS Mors [... -- ...] ( this is not in any of my sketches ) and I was thinking if that is any alert code?
I cannot seem to find any serial port to upload a new sketch....
Anyway, I tried to do the double reset the LED is pulsing but again no serial port anywhere...
I cannot understand if it is a FW issue or a HW issue but it is not usable. Any suggestions?

I was working perfectly with this device, decided to change a parameter value - in a commented out region - and then the crush. I recall it finished properly the uploading and I am 101% sure it was not the source code that caused the issue.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Have you tried to put it in bootloader mode ?