Arduino BlinkM and 2x PIR Sensors

So some insight before the problem so you know where i'm at.

I connected to Arduino Analog 5-1 arduino, like it says to use in communicator

PIR x1 to 3v3 ground and Digital3 PIR x2 to 3v3 ground and Digital4

What i want to do is have each PIR when triggered to produce a different color so i know which PIR was triggered

I plan on color coding some rooms in my house, so when motion is recorded in blue room, the blinkm will produce blue in the bedroom. So i know where motion is when it occurs.

So, that was the background. What is the problem?

Well i’m having issues with the code, i used the blinkm code, and pir code, for a single pir

Works fine, when pir gets triggered it applies power to blinkm

Now setting up 2 pir’s and i want color specific blinkm response dependant if pir 1 or pir 2 is triggered…

So i grabbed the code from previous version and tried tweaking, blah i dont think i’m a programmer :slight_smile:

so code is where i’m having an issue.

Post your code.