Arduino Blogs, Projects and Links Wanted


I write bits an pieces up for my own site, but I would like to start to showcase a few of everyone elses projects and their sites as I always find it inspiring to look at when I’m stuck on ideas.

I love the idea that I can build upon someones project or they can use my code so that end, I would like to host an Arduino Projects section on my site to link out to everyones projects.

I should make it clear that I don’t want to host your content on my site, just a brief summary, parts list, photo and links to help others out when finding information as it can be difficult in finding relevant information sometimes.

The only caveat for projects to feature are that they involve Arduino and have a good write up - doesn’t have to be English either but photos, code and parts are a must - I don’t like seeing awesome projects that I can’t replicate or understand how they work :slight_smile:

I’d like to be able to also do a monthly roundup/ top 10 list aswell and also put together a list of Arduino related sites for others to find and reference.

If you’d like to send me a link to your write-ups/ site at that would be great. I can be contacted at or visit my site here: At the moment its mainly just my own notes and content but I would like to change that.



no one at all?

Thought at least a few people would want a few links to their projects for people to check out and to rebuild/improve.

I have my project on

hey cheers, thats really interesting I'll chuck a link to that if you don't mind?

So you've hooked in an Arduino board to feedback on sensors around the house? and you can read the sensors using the computer/ TV and SMS? So it can alert if anything changes?

Ive got my stuff on . Ill be adding a new one soon, tho its a pic project.

This is where I add all my litter

It's good to be back after a long hiatus.

My stuff is at

Here is mine:

Here it is Articles / guides / projects / e-commerce

Wow, cheers guys. All good links, I'll try and add them all over the weekend... and this will help me get to a great start of building a showcase to get others interested.

knuckles904: love the bus shelter project

bld: I've not played with RFID yet - and I have friends with cats. MIght try and replicate your work there :)

jscott: I've not used xbee yet, I've only made a basic robot - you take it to a new level there

florinc: I'd seen your Wise time clocks before on Make

gbm: My italian is pretty poor but I'll be sure to post up your projects linkign in both english and italian.

I’m about to completely change so it’s far more useful than it currently is.

The cat door project is not done yet, but the software should be fully functional. Going to update on it as I make the hardware too.

Cool, I keep meaning to get som RFID gear and play around with it - so many things and so little time.

Currently I've done the classic robot arm project that i'll put up online shortly so there's code, parts and how to fabricate bits but after that I'll do some xbee and RFID work (and totally steal your ideas and code! ;D)

Cowjam - I'll have to try out your code with my LCD screen for stats on my site... though instead of the ethernet shield I may just try and hook it up using Processing to parse from a PHP page (not sure if that can be done)

I'll join in.

I haven't made anything really noteworthy yet, but here is where I post my miscellaneous things:

Going to get one more cat, and started to work a bit faster on the cat door lock.

Metal mount for a metal pin. This way they won't be able to break the little tiny on the servo.

It is looking a bit big, but this whole assembly is only 35mm long

bld: getting one more cat to make your RFID work? I like the way you treat them as components of your system :)

Nah, getting one more so my other cat got someone to have fun with. :) Always more fun to be two

OK, first update, thank you all for the blog links:

Also linked to from my directory page:

If you want your projects linked/ listed individually under the respective components drop me a line via my contact form on the site

I'll try and pick out the best projects and feature that separately.

I am taking my very first steps to learn Arduino. Projects like the ones found following these links are a great inspiration.