Arduino + BlueSmirf = Wireless Speakers

Hello everyone..

I'm working on bluetooth wireless speakers. The input will be 3.5 mm audio jack (from any audio source) and the output is 4 ohms speaker. My design involves real-time audio processing through microcontroller (ATmega168 from ATMEL) installed in Arduino board, then the digital signal is to be transmitted via Bluetooth module (BlueSMiRF) to another one connected to another ATmega168 connected to the speakers.

So far I have been able to process the audio signal in the microcontroller after reading this website: yet I am facing some troubles in integrating the microcontroller with the Bluetooth module, I lack the needed programming knowledge to do this part. I also find it hard to write a code to do the DAC at the other side.

Can anyone suggest Ideas or give me some links that has similar projects?


I have also used this BT module, you can find some info at my blog. I can not really give advise with the DAC, but this module is quite easy to use, it is just like the regular serial port of the Arduino.

Keep us posted with new questions!

Best, Peter.