arduino bluetooth and ubuntu linux


i got my arduino bt boards today and i tried to hook it up under ubuntu with little success so far maybe somebody has an idea how to proceed:

first i did:

erich@pupu:~$ hcitool scan Scanning ... 00:15:A0:80:FE:1E Nokia N70 00:07:80:82:1F:35 ARDUINOBT 00:12:62:DB:EA:E7 Erich

to find the bt id (ARDUINOBT) then i edited:

erich@pupu:~$ sudo vi /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf

RFCOMM configuration file.


rfcomm0 { bind yes;

Bluetooth address of the device

device 00:07:80:82:1F:35;

RFCOMM channel for the connection

channel 1;

Description of the connection

comment "ARDUINOBT"; }

and after:

erich@pupu:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/bluez-utils restart

now i have a linux bt serial device rfcomm0 which shows with

erich@pupu:~$ rfcomm rfcomm0: 00:07:80:82:1F:35 channel 1 clean

i edited then the preferences text in ~/.arduino/preferences.txt and changed the following:

serial.port=/dev/rfcomm0 and serial.download_rate=115200

if i now start the ide, compile a program and upload it, i get a: /dev/rfcomm0 permission denied. in the ide message window and command line.

the output of rfcomm changes to:

erich@pupu:~$ rfcomm rfcomm0: 00:07:80:82:1F:35 channel 1 closed

but i m in group dialout and the rights are the same like for example for /dev/ttyUSB0 which works without problems on the usb arduino board. also chip is set to atm168 and serialmonitor to 115200.

maybe somebody has an idea

thx a lot


ps: the bord works fine under windows !

I thought I read somewhere that you couldn't program the board with the BT connection. Are you saying that you can program it with BT under windows?

i had the impression i did so


to quote form the arduino hardware page: "Bluetooth - This is the latest version that eliminates the need for cables going to the microcontroller board. It can be programmed and communicate up to 10 metres away from a computer. It can also be used from a mobile phone."



Hello bigengineer

can you tell me where you read that?:)

can you tell me where you read that?

No, I can't. I looked around but couldn't find it. I think it was somewhere here in the forum. Maybe someone who was trying to program with a bluesmirf module? But I couldn't find anything usefull with "bluesmirf" either.

I also that the hardware page changed while I wasn't looking. Maybe I should check 3 times a day.

it's the description posted on the hardware page