Arduino Bluetooth BTM400_6b CSRBC4 module

Hi there i have bought this module on ebay

i already have it connected and working with arduino using pin 1&2 tx rx plus the 3.3v arduino power...
i now want to change some settings and on the manual says this

The HHW-SPP Bluetooth module has 2 work modes: Commands response mode and auto connection mode. And in
the auto connection mode, there are Master and Slave mode. When the module works in the auto connection mode, it
will automatically connect the other Bluetooth devices with SPP protocols. When under the Commands response mode,
it can carry out the AT commands in this data sheet, user can send all the AT commands to the module to configure it.
By controlling the PIO11 of the module, use can set the working mode of the module.
The Pins that module will use:

  1. PIO8, connect to LED shows the working status of the Bluetooth module. After power up, it will flash, and the flash
    time is different under different status.
  2. PIO9 connect to LED shows the success of the connection, after successfully pairing, it will light.
  3. PIO11, control the module working mode, High=AT commands receiving mode(Commands response mode), Low
    or NC= Bluetooth module normally working.

How do i put the pin 11 in high mode ?
Can i connect a digital pin of arduino to pin11 of the module and make digitalwrite(high) ? have doubts because the arduino digital is 5v and module is 3.3.

on the following drawing upper right they have an example but i can't "translate" that to arduino or to something i understand..
Can someone who understand explain me simple to electronic newbie...


You could use a voltage divider. Connect one end of the pair to an Arduino digital pin. Connect the middle point of the pair to pin 11 on the device. Connect the other end of the pair to ground on the Arduino and the other device.

The resistors should be in a 2 to 1 ratio with the smaller one closer to the Arduino digital pin, and 1K or higher, but not much more than 10K for the pair.