Arduino Bluetooth Communication

(not sure if this is the right place to ask this question)

Hi everyone!

I got an arduino board and i'm about to buy a bluetooth shiled for it. The thing is:

I wanted to create a bracelet (like a wristband) to check my pulse every second and send the values via bluetooth to arduino. I got the pulse sensor:

I just needed a battery to be always connected and a way to connect it to a microprocessor or anything else to keep the values and send it via Bluetooth. The problem is that i need a small Bluetooth receiver on the bracelet. And because i dont know very well how to program Bluetooth devices i'm kinda "floating in the river". What kind of micro controller do i need to store the values and what kind of bluetooth receiver?

I'm free to help anyone doing this project $$$

still, i would like to know how to do it.

Thank you once more for your time :slight_smile:

Best regards

p.s.: see this project? It sends data wirelessly . its something like that

The common scenario:

I'm sure you can find smaller BT modules, but you are going to have to do research to determine compatibility. There are plenty of small, inexpensive Arduino boards: Nano, Mini Pro, etc. that will be possible candidates.

Can one really calculate the human pulse every 1 second? My wife is a nurse, the best I have seen her do it is around 10 seconds... but, of course, she does not use anything other than her wristwatch.

This looks like the ideal solution: